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This company, On Point Innovative Solutions (OPIS), represented by its Managing Director, Mr. Mustafa Ali, has sent our company a Letter of Intent (LOI) through an intermediary to purchase a certain commodity. However, its LOI also included a list of "buyer procedures" that their company and buyer want to impose on us.


As all of our other esteemed clients know, we only follow our procedure to protect our company and our refineries. Due to this fact, we have sent OPIS a copy of our own FCO, signed and sealed, and awaited to see if they agree to our terms.

However, they sent us back an edited FCO using our letterhead, signatures, and seals while changing most of the procedures, making it look like we agreed to their buyer's terms.

FAKE 1.png
FAKE 2.png

Before we even confronted them about it, they have already posted against us in Fuel Scam Alert and demanded that we agree to their procedures and prices before taking down their post.


We have already escalated this issue to the proper authorities to protect our business and clear our reputation against this baseless accusation. We thank our existing buyers and intermediaries for their trust and patience as we resolve this matter.

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