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1. Seller representative issue soft corporate offer (SCO) for buyer review and acceptance.

2. Buyer issue Irrevocable Confirmation Purchase Order (ICPO), Company Certificate of Registration and Import License, data page of buyer’s passport.

3. Seller Issue Commercial Invoice for the available quantity of product in seller’s tank. Buyer signs and return back to seller signed and sealed Commercial Invoice with TSA as a proof of buyer's availability of storage facility.

4. Seller issue to buyer the NOR (Notice of Readiness) to commence the Injection of the product.

5. Buyer provide to Seller Authority to Verify (ATV.)

6. Seller pays buyer’s Logistic Company for 3 days tank lease. After seller payment confirmation by buyer tank farm, buyer pay injection fee in order for the seller to proceed into the injection of the product.

7. Injection company send NOR (Notice of Readiness for the injection of the product) to the buyer’s tank and seller’s company notifying both parties on the date schedule for the injection programming.

8. Seller moves the fuel from refinery reservoir and injects fuel to buyer tank in ROTTERDAM and furnish Buyer with

the following:

Fresh SGS Report.

Pipeline Injection Report.

Refinery Reservoir Receipt.

Certificate of Origin.

Certificate of Ownership.

Dip Test Authorization Letter. (DTA)

Authorization to Sell and Collect (ATSC)

9. Buyer Successful Q&Q Dip Test on the product, Buyer makes the payment for the Total Value of the Product Injected into the Tanks Through the means of MT103-TT.

10. Upon Seller Receipt of the Payment for the Product from the buyer, Seller issue to Buyer the Title Ownership of the product and all Exporting Document of the product.

11.Buyer Lift the product with its Vessel Tanker. 11. Seller pays commissions to all intermediaries involve in the transaction according to the signed NCNDA/IMFPA.

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