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1. buyer issues ICPO with company registration certificate and company profile with buyer international passport.

2. Seller issues commercial invoice (ci), buyer countersign within 48 hours and returns signed CI with buyer international passport.

3. Seller verifies the buyer’s documentations and issue PPOP documents;

Tank Storage Receipt (TSR)

Certificate of Origin

Authorization to Sell and collect (ATSC)

Commitment Letter to Supply

Statement of Product Availability

Letter of Guarantee

4. Buyer verifies the product documentation and buyer takes over the tank-farm to issue copy of validated tank

storage receipt (TSR).

5. Seller issue dip test authorization (DTA) product at the tank-facility for quality and quantity inspection SGS/ Intertek or similar agent for legal dip test by the buyer SGS agent.

6. Upon successful buyer physical verification & dip test on the product according to the valid documents, buyer take product and pay accordingly by TT Wire transfer within 48-72 hours after successful SGS report, a copy of SGS must be sent to the seller.

7. Seller pays commissions to all mandates within 24 hrs. after confirmation of the buyers’ payment of the product by TT Wire transfer.

8. Seller pays intermediaries as per NCNDA/IMFPA

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