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1. Buyer issue ICPO to Seller along with TSA with buyer passport.

2. Seller issues Commercial Invoice with NCNDA/IMFPA, Buyer signs and returns back to seller.

3. Seller verifies and approves buyer’s tank farm by requesting for invoice of 5 days’ payment remittance, Seller leases and pays the Buyer's tank for 4 days first and provides buyer with payment slip then the buyer pays 2 days to get 7 days TSR & ATV NOR to receive the product.

4. Seller issue Injection Schedule from a pipeline injection masters and Authority to inject (ATI).

5. Seller injection masters /company commences with the injection (option) buyer will meet with tank for see Injection to has buyer tank for check with SGS after finish injection, of the product and seller release the following PPOP documents to buyer:

Certificate of origin;

Authorization to sale and collect (ATSC);

Product passport Q&Q;

NCNDA/IMFPA will be signed by all intermediaries involved in the transaction and signatory

Injection Report

Statement of Product Availability




6. Upon the completion of the injection and Buyer inspects product with SGS Agent.

7. After Buyer’s Successful Q&Q Dip Test on the product, Buyer makes the payment for the Total Value of the Product via MT103- TT.

8. Buyer pays to all mandates in same time with seller.

9. Upon Seller Receiving the Payment for the Product from the Buyer, Seller issues to Buyer the Title Ownership of the product and all Exportation Documents of the product.

10.Buyer lifts the product with its vessel tanker. buyer pays all Intermediaries involved in the transaction and send SPA to buyer for one year subsequently monthly shipments continue as per terms and conditions of the contract.

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